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Europa am Bosporus (er-)finden?

(Inventing/finding Europe on the Bosporus?)

Die Diskussion um den Beitritt der Türkei zur Europäischen Union in den britischen, deutschen, französischen und italienischen Zeitungen

with Christian Weiß and Roberta Carnevale

Peter Lang, 2005

The debate about Turkey's accession is not only about Turkey itself, but above all about the character of the EU. How to respond to Turkey gives a clear indication of what Europe is or should be. This analysis typologizes and documents the different lines of argument of the discussion participants in Western Europe. The conceptual struggle for Europe, which comes to a head in the case of Turkey, is examined using daily newspapers from Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy. It becomes obvious how strongly the national perspective still predominates when discussing European issues. The cultural and historical founding of Europe is a Franco-German peculiarity. This shows how different the ideas of (EU) Europe are.

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